School Statute



Art. I – General provisions


                1. The name of the school is POLISH SATURDAY SCHOOL in Darlington (PSS)

                2.  The seat of the school is the rooms at Hummersknott Academy, Edinburgh Drive, Darlington, DL3 8AR

                3. The school is an institution registered in the Polish Educational Society in London, 238 King Street, W6 0RF, phone number 02087426431.

                4. The classes are given on Saturdays in the hours determined by the management staff. Duration of classes can be extended or shortened at the request of Management staff in justified cases.

                5. Timetable is determined by the Management staff in consultation with the school board and teaching staff.


Art. II – The goals and tasks of the school


                1. The main goals of the school include:

                                a. teaching Polish language with the elements of history and geography of Poland

                                b. transferring knowledge to the pupils that is necessary to pass Polish language exam GCSE, AS and A2 

                                c. strengthening patriotic feelings among children and adolescents

                                d. educating children in Polish culture and tradition


                2. In order to achieve above goals, we should:

                                a. organize systematic teaching at school,

                                b. support children in shaping their personality and identity,

                                c. enable children and adolescents to take part in the celebrations of national holidays,

                                d. shape the attitudes of respect towards Polish culture,

                                e. take part in the events organized by Polish diaspora organizations,

                                f. support integration of the Polish community living in Darlington and nearby.


                3. Curriculum is based on the guidelines of the Polish Educational Society.


                4. Cooperation of the school with the parents give the school basis for achievement of defined goals.


                5.  The activity of the school is regulated by:


                                a. Statute of the school,

                                b. The rules of teachers’ board ( attachment 2 ),

                                c. The rules of teachers ( attachment 3 ),

                                d. The rules of parents ( attachment 1 ),

                                e. The rules of school board (attachment 4)

                                f. Pupils’ code,

                                g. School calendar,

                                h. Registration form,

                                i. Curriculum (developed by the Polish Educational Society)

                                j. The rules of association Teacher/Parents/Parents’ council

                                k. The rules of school board

                                l. Other rules and procedures


                6. The school is an educational, independent, non-profit organization of social character.


Article II – School general meeting


                1. The final word in the school matters rests with general meeting.

                2. All school members have the right to participate in a general meeting. The members of the school are:

                                * Teaching staff

                                * School board

                                * Invited people


                3. The goal of the general meeting is:

                                a. to present a report on school activity and confirm changes in the school statute, if it is required.

                                b. to confirm continuation of work of the school board or election of new authorities after the expiry of three-year tenure

                                c. to present and confirm work plan and school budget for the next year


                4. School management staff is obliged to call the general meeting once a year. It is also obliged to call general meeting at the request of teachers’ board, or at the request of the parents (guardians) of at least 1/3 of the pupils.

                5. School management staff is obliged to notify about calling normal or special general meeting and proposed agenda all school members, at least 3 weeks before the general meeting.

                6. School management staff is obliged to make a report of general meeting available to all school members.

                7. All gathered school members have the right to vote during the general meeting – every person has one (1) vote.

                8. Special general meeting may be called:

                                * in order to approve and make changes in the school statute

                                * in the event of budgetary and financial problems

                                * in exceptional and justified cases in written form to the general principal of the school. Petition must be signed by 70% of the parents. Every family has ONE (1) vote.

                9. Special general meeting should be called with at least 21-day notification of all people that may take part in it.


Art. III – Organization of the school


                The following groups can be distinguished within school community:


                1. School board

                                a. Management staff

                                b. Other members

                2. Teachers’ board

                3. Parents’ council

                4. The pupils attending school


                Ad. 1 - School board


                School board is a superior body that consists of:

                                a) Management staff

                                                * Didactic director /SENCO

                                                * Administrative director

                                                * Director for organization of events ds /PTA

                                                * Director for acquisition of funds /PR/ coordinator GCSE/A-Level

                                b) other members

                                                * Secretary/policy officer

                                                * 1-3 representative/s of the parent

                                                * The representative of trustees

                Management staff appoints general principal, who coordinates cooperation of the board


                School board is responsible for all its administrative affairs:

                                * organization of school activity,

                                * employing teachers, in consultation with trustees

                                * collection of donations or funds,

                                * determination of remuneration for the teachers and paying them regularly, if the decision about paying remuneration shall be made; in consultation with trustees

                                * observation of safety conditions in the school rooms, in accordance with the recommendations of the City Council and fire regulations at Hummersknott Academy,

                                * calling the meetings during the school year.


                The members of the school board.


                                1) The members of the school board are elected for the period of three (3) years. Tenure of the members of the school board may be extended, provided that person performing given function agrees to it.

                                2) The members of the school board should diligently perform their obligations.

                                3) The dates of the works and meetings of the school board are determined by the general principal. Any voting and decisions are made in a transparent way.

                                4) The resolutions of the school board are passed by the majority of votes. Every member of the school board has one vote.

                                5) The members of the school board not fulfilling their obligations, may be, by decision of the school board, suspended or removed.

                                6)  The members, whose behaviour has detrimental effect on the school or school board, shall be, with immediate effect, removed from the school board.


                The tasks and obligations of particular groups of the school board:


                a. PRINCIPAL:

                                1. The principals are appointed during the general meeting by the majority of votes

                                2. They are elected from teachers’ board and they should be teachers having full qualifications and at least two-year seniority.

                                3. A principal is elected for the period of 3 years.

                                4. A principal may be dismissed at his/her own request or if he/she grossly neglects his/her duties.

                                5. A principal may also be dismissed during the special meeting by the majority of votes in the event that he/she violates the school statute and acts to the detriment of the school.



THE TASKS OF THE PRINCIPALS: The scope of right and obligations of the directors is specified by, appropriate for a given group, the rules of the school board.



SECRETARY– The scope of right and obligations is specified by, appropriate for a given group, the rules of the school board.




                This group includes:

                                * 1-3 representatives of the parents/legal guardians of children and adolescents attending the Polish School

                                * representative of trustees


                The scope of rights and obligations of other members of the board is specified by the management staff


                Ad. 2 – Teachers’ board


                The scope of rights and obligations of the teachers’ board and teachers are specified in the rules appropriate for a given group.


                Ad. 3 - Parents/legal guardians


                The rights and obligations of the parents/legal guardians are specified in the rules appropriate for this group.


                Ad. 4 – Pupils.


                The rights and obligations of the pupils are specified in the pupils’ code




                1. An administrative director is responsible for school recruitment

                2. Recruitment of children to the school takes place in the time specified by the school board

                3. School board defined two time limits of recruitment:

                                a) The first time limit of recruitment for children who already attend the school (two weeks for declarations of the parents saying whether they wish their children to continue education at that school)

                                b) The second time limit of recruitment for children who do not attend the school yet

                4. Parent (legal guardian) must deliver filled in and signed „Child form”


Art. IV – Financial resources


                1. School budget is based on:

                                * charges made by the parents,

                                * funds acquired by the school board,

                                * funds acquired from the City Council or Local Education Centre,

                                * subsidies for the school from private persons or other organizations.

                2. The charges that the parents must pay are specified by the school board.

                3. The rules of charges define time limits and methods of payments.

                4. The rules of payments are verified every year by a school secretary in consultation with the school board; not later than till the end of February every year

                5. School budget is determined by the administrative director in consultation with the school board and should include the following expenditures:

                                * remuneration of teachers, if any

                                * the costs of renting and maintenance of the premises,

                                * school equipment,

                                * certificates and school reports,

                                * printing costs,

                                * spectacles and events /dresses etc./,

                                * school trips.

                6. Financial statement is presented annually during the general meeting.

                7. School fund is managed by the administrative director in consultation with the school board.


Art. V – Final provisions


                1. The basic legal act applicable in the school area is this statute.

                2. Statute of Polish Saturday School in Darlington was changed and updated during the general meeting on December 9, 2017 and came into force on February 1, 2018

                3. The amendments to the statute can be proposed during the  general meeting.

                4. In the event of conflict or lack of agreement, the trustees shall make decisions. The members of the trustees in any way connected with the case shall lose their right to vote.

                5. In the event of liquidation of the Polish School in Darlington, all school funds shall be handed down to the Polish Parish in Darlington.

                6. Any information about the school and current reports, resolutions and provisions are available for inspection in the front office